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Introduction to Michael Melle Insurance Group
May 7, 2020 at 12:00 AM

My story

When people ask me why I became an insurance professional, the answer's simple — it's my calling. For 18 years, it has been my mission to help my clients protect their quality of life, and their family's future, through adequate health and life insurance coverage. I truly believe that everyone should have the right insurance coverage for their personal circumstances, and I'm not satisfied until I find my clients the right coverage for their individual needs. Here's a little background on me and why I decided to set up Michael Melle HealthMarkets.

Where it all started

I got my first insurance job almost two decades ago. Unfortunately, it wasn't the bright start to my insurance career that I hoped it would be. Working in a back office handling insurance company financials helped me learn more about the insurance industry, but it didn't fulfill me. Instead, all I could see was how many people didn't have proper health insurance. So many people who spend their whole lives saving money and preparing for the future lose everything through health care costs. I couldn't stay silent about it. I discovered my true values, which in turn gave me the idea for Michael Melle HealthMarkets.  

My values

For me, health care coverage should be a top priority for every family. When you or a family member falls ill, the last thing you want to worry about is how to pay the medical bills. By setting up health insurance in advance, you can focus on getting better or supporting your loved ones through tough times. At Michael Melle HealthMarkets, clients always come first — this value is central to everything that I do.   

My ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible and show them just how affordable and accessible health insurance can be. I'm passionate about educating people on the options available and helping my clients meet their long-term insurance goals. 

The bottom line is, my clients always know that I'm in their corner. 

What makes Michael Melle HealthMarkets special

There are many insurance professionals out there, but I truly believe that Michael Melle HealthMarkets stands out. Here's why I'm convinced that I'm the right choice for your insurance needs. 

Individualized insurance plans

I understand that every individual and family is unique. There's no such thing as an insurance package that suits everyone. I spend time with all my clients assessing their needs and explaining the variety of insurance options available, and I'll always tailor my advice to suit your requirements.

Client-focused service 

Whether you have minimal or highly complex insurance needs, I'm here for you. I'm passionate about truly getting to know my clients and making the insurance process as easy to understand as possible.   

Reliable advice

With over 18 years' experience in insurance, I have a deep understanding of how health, life, disability and accident insurance policies work, and I'm constantly expanding my knowledge. You can relax knowing that the options I offer you are truly the best on the market for you. 

Efficient communication

Since my clients are top priority, you can expect responsive service from me. I'll always explain everything in plain English, and there's no such thing as asking me too many questions — I'm here to help!  

I want to know how I can help you — contact me now to get started.